Toktogul Water Sub-Project — Feasibility Study, EBRD

The Project is aimed to create inclusion impact on three levels: a significant increase of  water connections in relation to the total population in Toktogul; continuous 24 hour supply for all connected households; and an increase of the quality of water at the end-user point for all connected households. The Feasibility Study should support the assessment of the potential inclusion element of the Project by providing a baseline against relevant indicators and by developing a methodology to monitor progress throughout the project delivery and evaluation phases.

1) to identify and establish a baseline for assessing and monitoring potential inclusion impact in relationto increased number of water and waste water connections, improved frequency of water delivery, andimprovements in water quality at household level; and related health and economic benefits;2) to identify key cost restructuring elements (e.g. labour restructuring, energy cost savings, maintenanceper unit of output targets etc) and recommend reasonable loan covenants and implementation timing inthis area;3) to assess the possibilities for an affordable least-cost and cost effective bankable PIP for water andwastewater infrastructure – to rehabilitate and increase the efficiency of existing systems with strongsocial and environmental benefits and promoting climate resilience; and,4) to assess to what extend the PIP meets EBRD’s Performance Requirements (“PRs”).

► Complete assistance in Feasibility Study preparation► Interpreting and logistics support► General local support for the successful implementation of assignmentLocation of the assignment: Toktogul, KyrgyzstanCooperating companies: IRCON; SWECOClient: ME Toktogul VodokanalDuration of the assignment: 04/2015 – 2016