Tajikistan Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project — Feasibility Study, World Bank

The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project aims to improve the current situation in water supply and sanitation sector. The area targeted under the proposed Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project will include three locations in Khatlon region of Tajikistan: (i) Vakhsh group inter-district water supply system covering six districts of Southern Khatlon (Bokhtar, Vakhsh, Balkhi, Sarband, Dusti, Jayhun); Vosse district water supply system; (iii) and Danghara-Temurmalik (Kangurt) water supply scheme.

The aim of the Project is to develop water supply system and to some extent sewerage connections, with the overall objective to satisfy basic needs in drinking water supply for the population in rural areas in Khatlon Region and to secure improved public health and environmental conditions.

In particular, the specific objectives are:

► Provide the quantity of drinking water supply and corresponding sanitation facilities;
► Provide different alternatives for efficient use of available water resources and for collection and disposal of sewerage as required;
► Enhance financial sustainability of the proposed water supply schemes and self-financing capacity for future capacity expansion.

► Prepare the technical, financial/economic feasibility study for the proposed rural water supply and sanitation;
► Develop detailed design;
► Prepare a Financial Management Improvement Plan and;
► Prepare required environmental and social safeguards documents, such as Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Resettlement Policy Framework, as well as the ESIA for the first year of the project interventions.

Location of the assignment: Republic of Tajikistan
Cooperating companies: K.S. Solutions, LLC, Sweco Hydroprojekt (Czech Republic)
Client: State Unitary Entity “Khojagii Manziliyu Kommunali (KMK)
Duration of the assignment: 10 months (started at July 2018)