Osh Solid Waste Project – New Environmental and Social Assessment for EBRD

The City of Osh is the second largest city in the KR and the major political, administrative, financial and cultural centre in the South of the country. Osh has officially a population of 251,000 people in 2017 but expanding the total number of people residing in its urban area around 400,000. Accordingly the volume of the waste generation in Osh and its surrounding area has increased and expected to more than double for the next twenty years. However, the equipment and premises for collection and transportation are too obsolete to provide proper day to day services. The existing dumpsite exhausted its capacity and the environmental conditions are poor.

The City Administrations of Osh has approached the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with a request to finance priority investments in solid waste management.

Project objectives

The project objective is to i) identify and assess the potentially significant existing and future adverse environmental and social impacts associated with Specialized Municipal Enterprise’s “Osh Tazalyk” current operations and the proposed Project, ii) assess compliance with applicable laws and the EBRD ESP and PRs, iii) determine the measures needed to prevent or minimise and mitigate the adverse impacts, and iv) identify potential environmental and social opportunities, including those that would improve the environmental and social sustainability of the Project and/or the associated current operations

Our contribution

Location of the assignment: Osh, Kyrgyz Republic
Cooperating companies: K.S. Solutions, LLC, Ramboll CIS LLC, Russia
Client: Specialized Municipal Enterprise “Osh-Tazalyk”
Duration of the assignment: 24 weeks (started at Q3 2020)